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It has been a blessing to find a product that holds my hair in place all day.  I have tried every product on the market but yours has been a GOD SEND.  I am before peolle a lot conducting trainings and workshops now I don' t have to worry about flyaway hair.  What do you have for thinning hair?

Linda Inmon

My name is Lauren and I'm 12 and  live in North Carolina. Long story short, the Hicks Edges product is beginnig to make my live heaven, and not make me regret going natural. I've been natural for almost two years now and this will help TREMENDOUSLY!!!! This product is just amazing and Hick's Edges, thank you so much!!! :-) Please never stop making this product ever!!!!!



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Product 101: Whip those Edges into Shape

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Edges..........We all have them but in the hot humid weather, we all hate them.  Edges are the most important part of a woman's hair, the hair we tend to pay the most attention to and try to maintain the most. Now that it's the middle of the summer, maintaining and controlling your edges can be a handful. Regardless if you are a natural beauty or a relaxed diva, whipping your edges into shape should be the least of your worries. We've tested and tried just about every product for edge hold and now we're ready to spill the beans on our top recommended picks.

#1 Hicks Edges

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Photo Credit: amazon.com

1.     Hicks Edges($15.00); topping our list at number one is Hicks Edges, we live for this edge control. Highly recommended for all types of hair, this super holding power pomade leaves hair silky smooth with no flaking. Purchase your Hicks pomade at amazon.com

#2 Olive Oil Edge Control

Photo Credit: target.com

Photo Credit: target.com

2.      Olive Oil Edge Control ($6.00); Olive Oil Organic root stimulator slicks and holds down those stubborn edges while adding shine and moisture to the hair. You can purchase Olive Oil Edge Control at your local Target or beauty supply store for $6.00 (prices may vary per location).

#3 Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Photo Credit: amazon.com

3.     Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control ($11.00); this moisturizing firm gel control guarantees a smooth sleek finish. Simply apply a small amount to your edges and brush lightly. You can purchase Design Edge Control at Amazon.com.

#4 Push Pom

Photo Credit: etsy.com

Photo Credit: etsy.com

4.     Push Pom ($3.00); lastly for our natural beauties, Push Pom is a natural pomade stick to help tame edges. Push Pom contains no sulfates, no artificial colors or fragrances, no chemicals and no petroleum. Purchase Push Pom at Esty.com

Unruly hair is a thing of the past. Whether you are natural or relaxed, training those edges can be easy and affordable. Who said you needed to constantly relax your hair throughout humid weather? These picks provide edge control and will have your edges laid and tamed in no time!

"This is the most wonderful product I have ever tried!!! I have never found a product that would lay down the grey hair and it stay there all day and/or until i move it Please, Please do not stop producing this product. What else do you have? and where are your products."

Moreno Valley, CA

"I purchase your EDGES and TWIST LOCK GEL. I love your products."

Atlanta, GA

"I purchase your products at the proud lady Show I'm writing because I'm in love with your product .I am a licensed cosmetologist from Indiana . Thank you so much for a great product and equally great spirit! I look forward to hearing from you and God Bless."


"I absolutely love your haircare products! Especially the Hicks Edges!!!! They work great on my hair texture."

Charlotte, NC

"Its the HICKS EDGES I like. That Stuff is the bomb. No Smell, No flaking, No stickiness. I couldn't ask for a better product for my short hair. What can I say I JUST PLAIN LOVE IT."


"Your hair products has been a blessing to me the hicks edges.. I am looking forward to use all your hair products for my blessed hair thank you ...

Tyler, Texas

"I just had to send an email to you to let you know that I believe that your product Hicks edges is literally off the charts.  I was at the beauty supply store a few weeks ago and I was looking for something else.  I found it and then the word edges stuck out to me. I am very funny about how the edges of my hair look and I believe because of that I have over processed my hair and I was using the brown  gel as well.  Thank God for answered prayer seriously.  I purchased your product and on the way home, I was just trying to figure out in my mind exactly how was this going to work and I have not had a relaxer in about 2 months besides I'm trying to get my hair back to the healthy state that it was once in.  Nevertheless, I read the instructions washed my hair and the next day before work as I got out the Hicks edges and started smoothing it on I almost broke out in tears.  It looked like I had just permed my hair.  All I can say is that I live in Chicago and you have a customer for life!! Thank you for being unselfish with your dream". 


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I was introduced to the Edges pomade by the owner of Seans Braids in Indianapolis, IN a few months ago. I absofreakinglutely LOOOOOOOOVE this product. I had to unfortunately and unexpectedly relocate and I am residing in Columbia, MO. I am nearly out of the 4 FL. OZ./118 & am struggling to locate a place in the 65203 area to purchase it. I am trying desperately to avoid buying it online, because quite honestly, I do not have the financial means to pay for the product and the shipping cost.

Can you please advise on where I can find this product locally please? If it is not available in this market, can you please strongly consider establishing a relationship with a local salon/retailer to make it available to us? Columbia, MO is the 4th largest urban city in the state of MO after Kansas City, St. Louis & Springfield, MO. Thank you kindly :-)

Be Well,
Ty L. White, M.A.

"Greetings, I just found out about and purchased you Hicks Edges today and OMG this is one of the best products I've ever purchased!! I will be buying more and wish you continued success and blessings".

One satisfied customer

"I love the hair product"


"Just wanted to say that your product is great. I have been natural for 2yrs now. I have been using the Hicks Edges product for almost a year and my edges have grown. I use to wear flowers to cover up the side of my head where my edges were really bad but now I no longer have to camouflage my head with flowers. Thanks HICKS!!!" 


 I am in AWE right now!   I took notice of the hair demostration at the Women's Empowerent in Raleigh NC, and was BASICALLY SOLD!  So I purchased "Hicks Edges" and was BLESSED from the GOOD GOD ABOVE to have found this product after 7 LONG years of searching.

I wasn't sure if it would last all day, but IT DID...it really did!  No longer do I have to press my edges with a hot comb everyday, or smother it with dark hair gel.  Also, as a gospel singer, I no longer have to "BE ON EDGE" (no pun intended) while performing on stage.

I am a VERY satisfied customer, and actually jus' posted a picture of my hair on my Facebook page (and I've never ever done this).  That's how HAPPY I am.  Thanks for allowing God to use you to help MANY people around the world.

In God's Will,


Peanut on August 10, 2015
Shynesia on July 22, 2015
Bj on June 20, 2015
Sharae' Burrellon May 25, 2015
Janice Corleyon May 18, 2015
Been using this product for 2 years now and love it!

January 18, 2017
Good Afternoon,
HICKS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST PRODUCT FOR NATURALLY CURLY HAIR TO LAY DOWN. I have purchased EVERY kind of product to lay natural hair down. Hicks Edges is the best out of them all. I had to pay a bit more becaused at a neighborhood beauty supply, but it was well worth the extras. I ordered another one because I did not want to run out. Thanks. 
Renee Tolson

May 22, 2017
I visited a hair store in Snellville, GA to purchase Etae products for my Goddaughter when the owner asked me what products I used on my hair as well as her hair. We both have naturally curly (3C) hair. But very thick and very dry as we both have sandy red hair (I dye my hair black so even drier). Previously I had tried everything and Miss Jessie's coily custard seemed to work but very heavy and very greasy. She asked to demo Hicks Styling gel and cream on our hair and it seemed amazing. Needless to say we purchased the combo for my hair and the combo for my goddaughters hair. I am in complete amazement. My curls are shinier but not greasy, soft and my curls are bigger and much more defined. I love it. I have boxed up all of the other dozens of products I've tried as I think this is finally what our hair needs. Thank you so much.

June 6, 2017
Testimonial: Thank you for such a wonderful well need product. If at all possible please guard this product from being duplicated by China. China has manipulated and monopolize this hair care industry and our hair is the worst it has ever been. Hicks edges and other Hicks products it's what we need to transform our hair back to its natural Glory.

August 26, 2017
I was in New York this week and I purchased the edge control & I have to say that I was wowed!! It worked beautifully, it held my edges in place after several hours of dancing and sweating, and the product didn't leave my hair hard or flaky. I was really exited to have found a product that I really liked and was performing exactly as it should on my hair [i have type 4C hair]. Unfortunately it didn't make it back home as I had to leave it with TSA since the product was 4oz and well over the accepted amount set by TSA. I was distraught because I didn't even know that it was so big and I didn't get to really enjoy my purchase. If there was a travel size I'm sure I would've bought one before investing in a full size jar. So, I'm writing this email to the company so you guys could consider making a travel size and your already loyal customers can travel with their product without worrying about TSA regulations.
Harlem D.

Nov. 19, 2018
Wanted to let you all now that I really love you Edge control it is amazing, That my nieces will be greating for christmas. We cannot get enough of this product, Thanks for creating a great product.