Hair Model Application

Become a model for Hicks Total Transformations

As a hair model, you would promote Hicks Total Transformations hair styles that are designed with Hicks products. You might model hairstyles in fashion shows, or in photographs for catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and advertising campaigns. If you are interested in becoming a hair model along with fashion and you look after your appearance, a job as a model might suit you.

In this job you will need to be well groomed. You will also have to have a professional attitude and the ability to get along with a wide range of people. You must be able to follow directions and willing to corporate while having your hair styled. Hair modeling for Hicks Total Transformations includes changing customs, makeup, traveling, a lot of standing, smiling, and representing the company in a professional manner.

You don't need any formal training to get into this type of work. It's important that you have the right 'look' for the kinds of modelling you wish to do. You must be at least 18 years old and have the legal right to work in the United States.

Models must fill out a MODEL RELEASE FORM and a W-9 TAXPAYER FORM.

All applicants must submit a comp card or picture that shows your hair in its natural state.

Points to practice

  • Crown of head reaching upward while chin is kept level with the floor.
  • Neck is elongated and balanced directly above the shoulders.
  • Chest up; body is lifted from the breastbone.
  • Shoulders are level, held back and down, yet relaxed.
  • Spine is straight, not curved laterally or swayed from front to back.
  • Abdomen is flat.
  • Hips are level (horizontally) and protrude neither forward nor back.
  • Knees are slightly flexed and positioned directly over the feet with the ankles firm.

  • Place most of your weight on your right foot and point your toes straight ahead in a straight line.
  • Place your left heel close to the heel or instep of your right foot and point the toes slightly outward.
  • Bend your left knee slightly inward.

  • Place your feet apart, but not wider than your shoulder width
  • Distribute your weight evenly over both feet.
  • Your knees should be neither rigid nor bent.
  • Your toes should point straight ahead or one or both feet should point slightly outward.
  • For a more relaxed stance, bend one knee slightly while shifting some of your weight to the opposite foot.

  • To sit attractively, use your thigh muscles and support from your hands and arms to lower your body smoothly into a chair.
  • Do not fall or flop into a chair. When lowering your body, keep your back straight.
  • Do not bend at the waist or reach with the buttocks. When seated, slide to the back of the chair by placing both hands on the front edge of the chair at the side of your hips. Raise your body slightly and slide back.
  • Do not wiggle or inch back.

  • Keep your feet close together.
  • Keep your knees close together.
  • Place your feet out slightly farther than your knees
  • Do not push your feet under the chair.
  • Keep the entire sole of your foot on the floor.

Your personality plays an important part in your personal and professional life. Personality can be defined as the outward reflection of your inner feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and values. Your personality is expressed through your voice, speech, and choice of words, as well as through your facial expressions, gestures, actions, posture, clothing, grooming, and environment. It is the total effect you have on other people

Working hours and conditions
You might work in fashion show venues, showrooms and stores, photographic studios or various other locations depending on the needs of a photo shoot. Working hours could be long and irregular, depending on the type and amount of work you had.

Earnings can vary widely depending on your experience within the modelling industry.
Rates can vary from around $9.50 per hr. - $13.00 per hr. Figures are intended as a guideline only.
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